Taste of Betrayal


you do all you can to see someone happy but they shatter you to tiny little specks of glass,no different to fibre…

Unspoken words but the feelings are there. You’re just not sure if it’s mutual or one sided. The little actions that make your heart skip a beat. All of them make you rethink your view of love and begin to appreciate the feeling.

Slowly it happens, you try to fight it but it’s inevitable, you’ve surely fallen in love.

Friends tell you to drop it, it’s not worth it but you still hold on, to the hope that you can make the change.

You do things just to see a little smile. Sometimes you do it for your own benefit. To feel “loved”. Only to have it reciprocated slightly and leave you knee deep in this little Island of Quick Sand,swallowing you up like it’s the last meal.

To have your heart shattered to almost invisible fragments and not even say a word. Is it strength or are you just tired of being hurt over and over again you’ve learnt to just move on?

The pain is real but with the dark liquid in your glass and the art of repression,you tell yourself it’s


nothing and move on after wiping your tear struck face and lifting your head high.


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