Unaccountable Soul. 

The beats were her drug. After a while, they stopped being effective. One shot, two shots, three. Out. It seemed good enough.

He doesn’t know what makes her the way she is. She doesn’t care to explain. He’s hooked anyway.

She led him to a path he couldn’t turn his back to. He embraced for it made him feel wanted. She’s Alice in Wonderland now.

One pill. 25mg. Sheer bliss but not pure. Tick, Tock, The Trip is Off. A psychedelic mess she was.

Back to where she began. Hop, skip and jump. The new drug. A new title she’s acquired but with a soul still pained.

Drowning in her own thoughts, they torment her. The smoke clouds keep making her stronger, for an opportunity to not live longer.

The gibberish in her mind, keeps her company, the lost souls she collects; share her sentiments.Drowning in misery. All because she’s trying to use the third eye there isn’t…


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