School Of Pain

When you get used to always having your way, you form an attitude of entitlement. You think you deserve everything and anyone. only for you to find the one person who doesn’t fall for your charm. She’s everything you could ever imagine, but completely out of reach. You start out as friends, you tell her of all your escapades, thinking you look cool, simply because she seems interested in you ‘oh so mighty stories’.

Slowly you fall in-love, you say how you’ll make her the happiest person alive. You smile endlessly the moment you see her typing, you keep reminding her of the reason you fell in love with her “That peck changed my life.”. You always want to be with her but she doesn'[t make any effort to meet you halfway. She says she loves you, she says a lot of things that have got you sprung.

You already have your whole life planned out, with her in it. You want to take the next step, when really she’s been seated the whole time. You tell her what to do and what not to do. Soon you’re begging for her time and attention. She’s the one person that got to your heart having given you nothing but her kindness. To you, she’s your world. She makes you think you brought down her walls.

She’s had to forget, hard to fathom. She’s like a desert storm in the city. Everything was a game to you before, you toyed and stringed along girls; treated them like disposable wipes and like doormats; beneath you, quite literally. You were the star player in the game, a monopoly where you were always the winner, sorry to say “You got schooled.”. Everything happens for a reason she says…You learnt the pains of love that you inflicted prior to her.


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